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We all know by now the damage being done to the planet with our perpetual use of plastic, seen the horror of a defenceless turtle with the plastic straw stuck up it’s nose, watched with shudders of horror as the blood poured while the rescuers tried to remove it, seen dead seabirds of all species lying on the rocky shores their guts filled with our plastic non-decomposing bits of waste while their chicks are starving to death, seen the whales and dolphins washed up on the beaches gasping their last breath as they lie there waiting to die from starvation caused by swallowing our plastic waste, and knowing that straws perforate the stomachs of penguins. Massive islands of plastic trash floating in the oceans, rivers and streams dead spaces clogged with plastic trash; our plastic trash.

We have to stop it somehow, but it seems insurmountable. Everything is either made with plastic in the process, contains plastic in the fabric or is simply a plastic container. Packaging manufacturers are slow to develop alternative materials that can genuinely compete with traditional plastics because there’s no real market for it. And there’s no market for it because there is not enough demand from consumers.

The supermarkets and production corporations don’t help with their perpetual insistence on using reams of plastic; vegetable wrapped in plastic, fish and meat wrapped in plastic. All because we are a throw-away species with only convenience on our minds.

Slowly but surely though, the message seems to be seeping into our brains and our consciousness; PLASTIC KILLS. And it’s not only killing off the planets wildlife and sea-life but it’s now in our food chain and in the fullness of time, we too will die of plastic related illness and cancers. Or starvation.

no straw november, ocean guardians, single use plasticBut there is so much we can do…..and #nostrawnovember is a very tiny action but it will save a massive amount of plastic from ending up in the oceans, rivers, streams and ultimately killing off the planet. And commit to avoiding single-use plastic water bottles

FYI: Just Americans ALONE use 500 million drinking straws EVERY DAY. To understand just how many straws 500 million really is, this would fill over 125 school buses with straws every day. That’s 46,400 school buses every year! Americans use these disposable utensils at an average rate of 1.6 straws per person per day.

After watching that awful video with the turtle I decided to not use plastic straws anymore. I saw a website where you sign a pledge to never use plastic straws ever again and signed immediately. My daughter bought me a packet of paper straws for Xmas.

So what you do to help reduce the number of plastic straws ending up killing off our wildlife and sea-life? #bestrawfree – join the campaign, be a super hero – and besides saving the planet, save yourself  https://www.ecocycle.org/bestrawfree Join the #nostrawnovember campaign and make it for life.

“In the UK alone, on average 3.5 million McDonalds customers per day buy a drink with a straw. That means 3.5 million straws a day are discarded” #strawwars

Of course it’s not just straws, it’s plastic bags, single use plastic bottles, cling-wrap, plastic ear-buds etc etc etc. The list just goes on. But, if we collectively just stop using those 5 items (amongst others), it will massively reduce the amount of plastic destroying the planet. We are meant to be the Guardians of Planet Earth, but sadly, on the contrary, we are the harbingers of it’s destruction. Our 20 minutes of convenience have major hidden consequences.

Other items you can stop using include: plastic cutlery, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic coffee pods.

Landfill is not the answer, Recycling is not the absolute answer (you just make it someone else’s problem with that route). Most plastic packaging items are used only once before being discarded, and globally only 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling.

Instead we must stop using plastic wherever we can and urge our supermarkets and politicians to help us clean up our Earth.

Leaders in this field:

Wetherspoon to ban single-use plastic ones from its 900 pubs across Britain and Ireland in war on waste.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4919604/Wetherspoon-ban-single-use-plastic-straws.html#ixzz4yW7sJtqS
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Do you realise:


Number of years to decompose
-plastic bag: 10-500 years
-plastic straw: up to 200 years
-plastic water bottle: 450 years
-plastic beverage container: 500+ years
-plastic 6 pack holder: 450 years

Support Brita’s #SwapForGood campaign, commit to avoiding single-use plastic water bottles and carrying around a reusable bottle instead. It really is that easy. If you can carry a single-use plastic bottle; you can surely carry a reusable plastic bottle.


-styrofoam cup – will never decompose – NEVER!!!! Made from styrene; a known animal and probably human carcinogen. That is horrendous. Go #foamfree

foamfree, styrofoam, single use plastic, no straw november, no single use plastic
-wax milk carton- up to 50 years
-tinfoil- will never decompose – NEVER!!!! That is horrendous.
-cardboard- 2 months

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We read so many articles about practising ‘mindfulness’ and yet we are the throw-away generation…..of all ages.

Make the straw you last used the last plastic straw you use  https://thelastplasticstraw.org/resources-2/


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After reading this article on recycling clothes and the ‘fast-food’ fashion industry I’m reminded of all the other ‘trash’ we dispose of so readily without much or in fact ANY thought to the effects we are having on this planet and our environment. It’s like we’re all walking around in this little bubble of “oh that doesn’t affect me” or “what can my little bit do?” or “it’s someone else’s problem, not mine”.

And yet, this is the only planet we have. We’re decimating forests at a rate of acres per minute, discarding tons of unwanted goods every year, dispose of tons of uneaten food, unworn/wanted clothes – Excerpt: “They’ve been bleached, dyed, printed on, scoured in chemical baths.” Those chemicals can leach from the textiles and — in improperly sealed landfills — into groundwater. Burning the items in incinerators can release those toxins into the air.” We reject our phones and computers annually in favour of the latest Apple/ iPhone model (And weirdly, we admire these large corporations for their innovative products!). We inject millions of tons of plastic into the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans on a daily basis, and slowly but surely we are causing the extinction of one species after another.

This ‘trash’ is building up. It’s producing potent greenhouse gas methane as it degrades. It’s polluting the oceans. The fish are becoming polluted with plastic particles. Over five trillion pieces of plastic are floating in our oceans. We eat those fish….what’s left of them. Our air is so polluted we can’t see the stars at nights, in some countries they can’t see the sun during the day! We eat the food that comes out the ground, ground polluted by chemicals from our trash and of course the chemicals deliberately introduced by spraying.

The volume of plastic pieces, largely deriving from products such as food and drink packaging and clothing, was calculated from data taken from 24 expeditions over a six-year period to 2013. The research, published in the journal PLOS One, is the first study to look at plastics of all sizes in the world’s oceans.

Corporations like Nestlé come under constant attack by the protest organisations that highlight how they (Nestlé) are buying up fresh water lakes and rivers and bottling the ‘fresh’ water and selling it to us in ‘single use’ bottles…plastic bottles.  – Nestle: Bottling water in drought-hit California – And we sign the petitions and vent our anger on the relevant pages, but do we stop buying the bottled water?

And yet, corporations continue to manufacture short-lived items; clothing, food, computers, phones, plastic (anything that can be made from plastic), and we….continue to buy, buy, buy and buy some more…..and the corporations and their share-holders are getting wealthier by the minute/day and we, the sheep, the ‘I want’ generations, the ‘I deserve it sectors’ are buying, buying, buying…and contracting all manner of different cancers, and birth-defects and ailments on an unprecedented scale.

We’re unable to ‘resist’ the latest fashion….no matter what it is, and slowly but surely we are killing this planet, and killing ourselves.

We are the architects of our own destruction.

Clothes – http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/no-one-wants-your-old-clothes/ar-AAim8tF#image=5

Oceans – https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/dec/10/full-scale-plastic-worlds-oceans-revealed-first-time-pollution

Water – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36161580

Species – http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/orangutans-extinction-population-borneo-reasons-palm-oil-hunting-deforestation-rainforest-a7199366.html

Deforestation – Zika Virus – http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/where-did-zika-virus-come-and-why-it-problem-brazil/ deforestation followed by agriculture and regrowth of low-lying vegetation provided a much more suitable environment for the malaria mosquito carrier than pristine forest.

Perhaps it’s time for US the population of this planet to take more responsibility….if we don’t buy, they can’t sell.



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